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A Southern Italy itinerary : Part 1 -Atrani, Ravello and Amalfi

The mister and I recently spent 6 days in Southern Italy, out of which four days were at the Amalfi Coast and two days in Naples. We used Naples as a base, you can use Rome too as both cities are well connected to the coast. Below is a day wise itinerary, including where we stayed and ate, and an indication of the budget. Highlights Food, food and more food – you probably know by now that food is a very important part of travelling for me. And even if it’s not the same for you, Italy is one place that WILL convert you. The quality of food is pretty high, no matter where you eat and the variety is immense. A trip to Southern Italy is incomplete without trying Limocello – traditionally had as an after dinner digestive liquor, I loved it as a cocktail with loads of ice. Another favorite was the Limoncello sorbet which tastes wonderful on a sunny day. The Path of God’s trek offers spectacular views of the coast (plus it’s …

Amalfi, you Beauty! In-Photos

With it’s gravity defying cliff’s, sparkling blue waters and endless lemon groves, Amalfi coast is a spectacular part of the world where every turn is exciting, every nook is beautiful. And what’s most intriguing is that it’s a changing world every few miles. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the bigger towns are the rustic, sleepy villages. Almost around the corner but so far removed in spirit, you wouldn’t imagine two such worlds can exist in this close a proximity. What remains constant though is the dramatic beauty, of a world almost suspended between earth and sky. In photos, Amalfi coast (unedited)….. I spent 4 days in Amalfi coast and will be sharing more details on places to stay, eat and see. Stay tuned!