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A Photo Essay of Madikeri, Coorg : 50 Shades of Green

Kodagu, popularly known as Coorg is a beautiful part of Karnataka that I visited last year. We stayed in a picturesque town called Madikeri, which is the district headquarters. Framed by the Western Ghats, Coorg is rich and diverse in its flora and fauna, as we experienced up close, through a walk into its rainforests as well as a hike to Nishani peak, organised by our hotel, Taj Madikeri.

The Taj Madikeri is built in a stunning location, surrounded by 180 acres of rainforests on all sides. They organized a walk with Nitin Subbiah, a naturalist and our guide and we were intrigued with his deep knowledge of the many mysteries of the forest, the unique balance of nature, the many examples of the harmony that exists between the flora and fauna – from funnel web spiders that create their home and trap their prey, to strangler trees, wild elephants, exotic butterflies, mushrooming of spices and coffee, this was an incredible walk that was enjoyed across age groups (our group spanned three generations from age four to seventy).

We also got a chance to do the Nishani hike which offers stunning views of the ghats, gorged on local food, shopped tons of spices and indulged in the allure of our surroundings. If there is one thing that stood out for me, it was the remarkable beauty of nature that is abundant in Coorg, in all shades of green.  A photo  essay  below-

The Taj Madikeri is a stunning property set amidst lush green rainforests (It’s an expensive stay and considering that, we had some unexpected teething issues, but all in all, what you get for the price is amazing scenery, plus they have a killer buffet breakfast spread).

Just look at that pool! We spent a lot of time here and the days(in Dec) were extremely sunny and pleasant.

The landscape as we went into the rainforests on our guided walk. As you go deeper, the forest gets dense, but what doesn’t change is the green.

If you love South Indian food, you will go wild at breakfast since a variety of local dishes are served everyday. Light crispy fresh dosas with a choice of chutneys was a daily staple for me.

And I loved this bamboo shoot curry with the rice balls. Yum!










Deep into the forest.

These funnel web spiders were everywhere. They find their spot, create their home and  use  the  web  to  catch  their  prey.  We  were  lucky  to  spot  this  guy  just coming  out  of his nook.

We plucked some peppercorns off a tree and actually tasted them in their current unripe form. Once ripe, these are cooked and dried and look like the black peppercorn we use in everyday Indian food.

Coffee and more coffee!

Star fern in abundance.








Stunning colors on  this  little  butterfly!

Lot of Elaeocarpus Ganitrus trees grow in the forest, the seeds are known as Rudrakash seeds and used as prayer beads in Hinduism.

This tree is called a Strangler Tree, typically grows in dark dense forests where the competition for light is intense. It grows around any existing tree and spreads itself upwards for light, and downwards to establish roots. Once done, it starts killing the tree inside, if you look closely you can see that the original tree is all but hollow. Survival of the fittest!

Polka dot plant, now abundantly  grown  in  city  homes.

We met this little guy and oh and aah-ed to capture  photos  till  we  were  told  it’s  poisonous! Nitin assured us that any animal would attack only if they felt threatened. As long as we kept a safe distance and didn’t come in their way, we would be fine.

Another good looker!

Stunning views from the top of Nishani peak.

More coffee!

And of course, ending with some coffee yogurt and strong black coffee  😀  .


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