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Photo Story : Highlights from Scotland

I spent 5 days in Scotland in August 2016, flying into Edinburgh and spending a day there, followed by two days each in Inverness and Loch Lomond. I came back feeling that I hadn’t seen enough. This was not any FOMO(fear of missing out) talking, but Scotland’s vast expanse, natural beauty, dramatic highlands and bustling cities had this effect, like there’s a lot more to explore, and a few days is just touching the tip of the ice berg. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time and am sharing below some pictures from the trip. Till I see ya again, Scotland!

Day 1

We flew into Edinburgh in the morning and checked into our Airbnb apartment. The day was spent exploring the streets of the city, eating, visiting the old town area and checking out bars in the historic Grassmarket.

Beautiful medieval architecture in the city center

Beautiful medieval architecture in the city center


Love a good looking window 🙂


Edinburgh ❤


Antics in old town (you will come across a lot of stuff like this!)

Day 2

We left for the three hour drive to Inverness in the morning. Driving around Scotland is spectacular and truly the best way to explore this country. We checked into our hotel, Premier Inn which was about 1.5 miles from the city center. We spent the day exploring the town and loved Hootanannys, a traditional Scottish pub with live music. If you get the chance, do eat at The Mustard Seed. We did not get a reservation for any meal while we were there but everyone recommended this restaurant highly.





Unfortunately we missed eating here, hence make a reservation in advance if you are visiting


Day 3

We decided to explore the Glen Ord distillery and Robertson’s farm. While we knew we wanted to visit one distillery for sure, the farm was a surprise find. It acted as the perfect stop for some coffee and homemade goodies on the way back from Glen Ord. I have done a separate post on this experience which you can check out here.

The Glen Ord distillery - one of the oldest in Scotland

The Glen Ord distillery – one of the oldest in Scotland


The store at Robertson’s farm


Day 4

We hit the road for Loch Lomond which was a three and a half hour drive from Inverness. On the way, we stopped at The House of Bruar and OMG, the food here was mindblowing! It was a very busy day because it was a Sunday. While we stopped only to eat, House of Bruar is actually an independant store selling Scottish country clothing. They house a self serve restaurant where we tried amazing soups, a sea food stew style dish, pasta, desserts and coffee – definitely some of the best food I had on this trip. Besides clothes, you can also buy fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, chocolate and homeware.


The restaurant





Rabbits? Squirrels? What!

After spending too much time in the House of Bruar, we reached Loch Lomond in the afternoon. We were hungry(again) and decided to go to the nearest town Balloch, for a bite. Balloch was a small cozy town, people were extremely friendly and we ended up spending our entire evening at a pub called The Dog House. Most pubs don’t serve food till late but the drinks continue. There was a pizza place right opposite this pub, problem solved 🙂 . You can read more about my experience at The Dog House here.

Day 5

We spent some time at the Loch Lomond shores, just lying on the grass and soaking in the sun. There are hordes of activities to try out here if you fancy that. People we met at The Dog House the night before suggested we take a walk to Dumpling Hill, which was a short hike but great views(we all had the damning realization that our fitness levels sucked as we were huffing and panting to the top, and believe me when I say that it was barely a hike). We also went to Luss, a beautiful tiny village on the western shore of Loch Lomond and ended the day with a meal at Duck Bay restaurant(beautiful views, fancy place and very highly rated, however I didn’t think much of the food, AND it was expensive).


Entrance to the Dumpling Hill


Views on the way


View from the top of the hill


Loch Lomond shores




Entrance to the church, Luss


Interesting crafts shop at Luss, very expensive though!


View of the loch from the shores of Luss


No pictures can do justice to how beautiful Luss was!

And so ended our short trip to Scotland. Have you ever visited Scotland and what were you favorite bits?


  1. Gracefully Global says

    Look like it was an amazing trip! Some good tips here, I appreciate it. And it seems like you ate well! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.


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