Month: April 2016

5 tips to Travel Amalfi Coast Cheaper

Whoever said that the good things in life are for free obviously hasn’t been to Amalfi coast ;-). To be honest, Amalfi was never on my agenda, what with it’s reputation of being ultra-expensive, and supremely glossy. But as I started researching to put together my itinerary, I realized that there is more to Amalfi than meets the eye. And there IS a way to experience this spectacular coastline in Southern Italy without making a big dent in your bank.Below are my top 5 tips, to enhance your experience and save a few bucks – Timing – Summer may not really be the best time Timing is everything when it comes to Amalfi. It will have a tremendous impact of your experience, and your wallet. July-August is peak season so expect soaring prices and a LOT of people. We visited the coast during Easter holiday, and the bigger towns of Amalfi and Positano were really busy, presumably with local tourists but the smaller towns were nice and quiet, which made for a very personal experience. …

Amalfi, you Beauty! In-Photos

With it’s gravity defying cliff’s, sparkling blue waters and endless lemon groves, Amalfi coast is a spectacular part of the world where every turn is exciting, every nook is beautiful. And what’s most intriguing is that it’s a changing world every few miles. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the bigger towns are the rustic, sleepy villages. Almost around the corner but so far removed in spirit, you wouldn’t imagine two such worlds can exist in this close a proximity. What remains constant though is the dramatic beauty, of a world almost suspended between earth and sky. In photos, Amalfi coast (unedited)….. I spent 4 days in Amalfi coast and will be sharing more details on places to stay, eat and see. Stay tuned!