Month: January 2016

In Photos : National Tulip Day 2016

Every year in January, the Tulip season kicks off with the Nation Tulip Day, organized by the Dutch Tulip Farmers, in Amsterdam. This year, the event was held on January 16th at Dam Square, where a “picking garden” was created with more than 200,000 Tulips. More than 10,000 people attended this event, where you can pick your free tulip bouquet to take back home. I attended this event with a photography meetup group, to experience the festivity and click some pictures. It was a great experience (though it was extremely busy), the sun was out (yay), the setting was colorful and there was a live band playing dutch music. Hope you like the pictures from the event –

The What and Where of Eating in Prague

First of all, wishing everyone a cheerful 2016, with lots of love, success and surprises! I know this post is a bit late in the coming, I have just been putting it off for one reason or the other, mainly because I haven’t really felt inclined to write over the past few weeks. And it surprised me, this lack of inclination, since I have always been over enthusiastic about my blog. Without getting into the reasons, let me just say that I am now tying to get back on track :-), and I do hope to be more disciplined with my posts in 2016! Moving on to the current topic, which as you all know is my absolute favorite; FOOD ;-). I had published a post on my top 5 things to do in Prague, in which I have also written about how blown away I was with my culinary experience there. I sampled some great street food such as Tredlnik, hot wine, pasta, meats and so much more. But Prague is as much about it’s café’s and restaurants …