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Looking Back and Moving Forward


I entered 2015 with a real bad headache and a harsh bout of throwing up (without a wild drinking party trust me!). I guess it was the hectic travelling over the last couple of weeks, crazy work deadlines before that and exposure to multiple and extreme temperatures. However, I have nothing but thankfulness for how 2014 went for me. I launched this blog (which I had been contemplating for quite some time), with a very simple intent of sharing my travel experiences with friends and family. In fact, when I set out on this, I never thought of metrics like readership, click through, followers etc., hence I am happily overwhelmed at the shape this has taken and the response I have received. And this has just encouraged me to push the boundaries a bit further in 2015! So thank you, all of you, who have read, liked, followed or shared my blog!

On a personal note, things have been a bit challenging due to health issues of close ones and the learning that I have walked away with is to not take one’s health for granted, no amount of money and success can compensate for that, ever ! Though the year flew by a bit too quickly, I did manage to take the time to Celebrate Holi in Rishikesh, Savor Varanasi, Experience a Tea Garden life in Assam, Trek to the Living Roots Bridge in Cherrapunji, Explore Meghalaya, travel through Cambodia finally ending the year in the picturesque hill station of Kasauli. I have come across feeling that the more I travel, the more I love it, and I believe that we are both in this for the long haul 🙂

I didn’t want to come up with a bucket list of destinations for 2015, because there is just so much more out there to explore and I have barely begun 😉 But my top picks would definitely be exploring South Africa, a road trip through Leh and Ladakh, a backpacker itinerary through Europe and much more. I just can’t wait for the adventures coming up!

With that, I wish all of you lots of exciting travels and much happiness for 2015 from my little corner!

Lots of love

The Travel Bug


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