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In Photos: The beauty of Mykonos

With world famous night clubs hosting superstar DJs, multiple bars and beach clubs, the Greek island of Mykonos well justifies its “party island” tag. However, there is more to Mykonos than meets the eye – its perfect symmetry of blue and white stretching across the island, narrow winding lanes, quirky shops, wonderful food and of course the windmills.

  1. The perfect white landscape with the windmills in the background.


  1. The various shades of blue in the waters, the skies and the houses.


  1. A view from the windmills.IMG_45334. The beautiful waters and the infinite sky.IMG_45325. A sandcastle made by a group of tourists at the beach.IMG_4487 6. A little adventure never hurt anyone 😉IMG_4542

  2. A sit-out restaurant on one of the many streets, in the main town.IMG_4431 8. The steps to our humble abode, in the middle of a small residential colony.IMG_4424

  3. Fresh rolled pasta left to dry outside a restaurant.DSCN3887

  4. Catching the sunset at the very famous windmills.IMG_4482

  5.  Enjoy a meal right next to the water with the sun going down.IMG_4483

 Acknowledgement : These pictures are clicked by two wonderful friends of mine, Ankit Sachdev and Puneet Babbar, who were part of this holiday.


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