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A photo essay – Santorini

There is something magical about Santorini, with its beautiful beaches and even more beautiful people, a jaw dropping sunset and an easy laid back charm. It is one of those places that will make you want to wish to go back again and again – below are some glimpses into my Santorini experience –

1. The best way to visit the Grecian islands is to hop from one to another on a ferry. I strongly recommend that you do this and not take the flights as nothing can match the views and waters from the ferry.
32. Many locals park their cars and bikes inside the ferry, and use these at the destination island. Imagine getting off work on a Friday evening, driving to the ferry, parking your car inside, enjoying the ride, hopping off the island in your own car! Sounds like your thing?


3. The caldera cliffs and the pristine white landscape is a spectacular sight.74. If you are not a local and did not get your own car/bike, worry not as you can rent one of these beauties which we did. These are as much fun to sit on as they are to ride and definitely a great way to see the entire island.IMG_42395. The volcanic nature of the island is largely visible in the red and black sand beaches of Santorini. Below is a photo from a black beach Perivolos, the sand is more pebble like here and the beach is lined with interesting cafes and restaurants.

186. You will find many cafes and restaurants at the beach – food is great, the vibe is easy and the hosts are generally very friendly. Ours offered shots of alcohol just for free 🙂

Fotor08081106447. What is world famous about Santorini? The sunset of course! You can catch the sunset at many parts of the town but Oia supposedly has the best views. I almost tripped seeing the crowd at Oia and was unable to fathom that all these people had come, cameras, kids, spouses, families, friends in tow to catch a sunset? Well yes, and it was actually quite a sight, you can hear music in the background, romance in the air, it is right out of a movie. As soon as the sun went down, the entire crowd erupted in claps and whistles 🙂

24-0018. Trying to capture the beautiful changing colors of the sky as the sun went down.Fotor0815123699. The sun going down overlooking the hilltop of Oia , definitely the more romantic(and expensive!) part of town. Oia is right at the cliff edge, with a picturesque landscape of all white hotels and blue waters, narrow lanes lined with cafes, quirky shops, local handicrafts, artists and more.

2510. Tried to catch the boat right between the sun rays
2811. Santorini at night (and after a few drinks) , hic hic!
2912. The rocky hillside of Santorini. And look closely, the white structure that you see is one side of Oia. Here you can see the rocks glowing a bright yellow orange in the sun.
IMG_419013. Another amazing view right at the island edge.

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