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Sky Dive @New York City!


Do you ever sit back and think about the trips you have had and what fun they were? There are some which are absolutely fantastic – can you recall all the details, the places you saw, the food you ate, the people you met? Maybe not. But there are always some experiences that stick – for reasons unknown.

An experience (which was really quite an experience!) was my first Sky Dive. It has been a few years but I still remember each and every detail as if it was yesterday. It was my solo week in Manhattan, and for reasons unknown I wanted to skydive. I researched some and then some more and finally zeroed in on Sky Diving, The Ranch in Gardiner, New York. On the day itself, I was nervous sick with excitement, the 90 minute bus ride from Manhattan to Gardiner seeming endless. I reach Gardiner, and it seems like a sleepy little town, anything but a destination to sky dive. The ranch itself is “out-of-town” says my cab driver, and it’s barely a 2 km ride 🙂

I get to the ranch and am all pumped up – training done, forms signed and I am all set to be strapped in. There are about 6 divers in my plane, who have completed anywhere between 20 jumps to over 200 each and intimidation kicks in. As we ascend, I try to smile and look relaxed, but my heard is jumping out of my chest. We are now over 13500 feet and the door of the plane opens and people start jumping out.I try and remember the instructions, the signals, the steps and it’s my turn next, and I almost want to ask my instructor for a “revision”, but I am at the door now, it’s too windy, too noisy and I can’t even hear myself. All I see is wide open skies, the earth below all blurry and my fellow divers looking like tiny black dots….my instructor yells “here we go…3…2…1”… and we jump!

And oh boy, jump we did!

The moment before the jump, hell scary!

The moment before the jump, hell scary!

The excitement, the adrenaline, the rush, the feeling of a free fall, the air pressure on your body in overwhelming. I feel free, joyous, happy… So much so, that once the parachute is deployed, I am almost disappointed as I realize it is time to descend.

Nothing beats this!

Nothing beats this!

Watch the video below to see what I am talking about – believe me, the only scary bit about sky diving is the moment just before the jump… the rest is an amazingly blissful experience!

I recommend you daredevils try it soon 🙂


  1. Abhinav Duggal says

    One day I will ….. Ankita … I will jump ….. 🙂 …. keep writing ….


  2. cherub says

    1st your blog pushed me to visit kerela sometime soon and now sky dive is yet another add on.. Way to go ankita 🙂


  3. Sonalika Sharma Kalra says

    Your words are as real as the video capture itelf – way to go (thumbsup)! And though I’m pretty much a chicken soul but I might just give this a try 😉
    Nice piece… keep them coming..


  4. Hey Ankita, I could feel the “thing” in the 3rd para more than what I felt while watching the video 😀
    Keep writing about your adventures 🙂


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